Maddison's Mini lops


New litter in nest box 20/7/13


Hi and welcome to maddison's rabbits  website.

 I have been breeding rabbits for 10 years now.

I used to breed  Dwarf, Cashmere and Dwarf lops and Angora's.

But at the moment I am breeding Mini lops and Plush Lops.


My aim is to breed happy, healthy, quality rabbits with good temperaments for show and pets.


I am aiming to breed seal points, chocolate and sables.

The colours i am currently breeding are , siamese sable , sable, seal point , chinchilla, harliquin , Bew, Black, Sooty Fawn.

I am going to start breeding mini lops in BEW ( blue eyed white ) . Hoping to produce beautiful type Bew in 2013 - 2014.

Rare colours include opal, chinchilla and BEW (blue eyed white)


All my bunnies are bred and kept in large cages they are not BANK bred and have free play in the back yard.

I am located in Bathurst about 2 and a half hours from Sydney.